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As a responsible company, we have perfect after-sales service guarantee mechanism and golden service commitment! Since its establishment, the company has set sail in Shanghai, an international metropolis, in line with the concept of "innovation, integrity and professionalism".
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    According to the service content, the service is divided into three ways: fault handling, periodic service and network remote. If there are faults within the system’s guarantee period, corresponding services will be carried out in accordance with the classification, first settle through the hotline, if could not be solved by phone, our company’s engineers will arrive the user's site within 12 hours, primary level fault will be repaired in 4 hours and secondary level fault in 2 hours. We undertake the expenses in the period.
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    The fault classification is as follows:
    Primary level fault: the system operation is seriously affected by the fault;
    Secondary level fault: the fault affects the efficiency of the system, but the system can still run.
    Customer service hotline 24 hours after sales: 021-57489979.

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    During the system’s guarantee period, any fault o damage caused by human shall be handled in the same way as the above mentioned first treatment method, however, the cost of replacing parts shall be paid by the buyer.
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    After the expiration of the guarantee, our company still has the responsibility and obligation to perform technical services for the buyer. The spare parts shall be provided in accordance with the price list of spare parts in the comparative selection documents. The equipment is maintained for life, and the users are visited regularly in order to offer a track service on the equipment.
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